My parents call me the Apple Kid. I LOVE APPLES. The ones that grow on the trees AND the ones that come from Silicon Valley. To keep me unplugged, my parents encourage me to GO OUTSIDE. I am a freerange Kiwi Kid, a hat, sunscreen, a bottle of water, no shoes and of course an apple keep me happy outside playing with my friends.


I like to go on bush walks and play. I got given my own camera for Christmas and I like to make slideshows of all the things I see on my walk. I "write" about my nature expeditions in this blog. My mother, Anja, helps me and is my editor, and she keeps me safe in cyberspace.

In the tree 01

I go to Montessori and I am eight years old. Here is my meme of eight

1 - I climb trees
2 - I dig holes
3 - I build huts
4 - I skip rocks
5 - I splash water
6 - I throw stones
7 - I watch birds
8 - I observe stars

I am a kid flavoured by nature!
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