January 7, 2011

The Masterton trip

On the 31st of December it was my dad’s birthday. We decided to go to Masterton for his party. We stayed there for one night. On the Friday we went to Castlepoint at the beach. It was really fun. We went for a walk up to the lighthouse and we saw some dolphins.
The dolphins were jumping up and down and up and down. There were about pods of ten. There were a number of pods. A pod is a family. There was this ship nearby, and it was a fishing ship, it was throwing the bad fish and the dolphins would eat it.


The lighthouse was beautiful. I saw some fish and this really big kind of seagull. It was fun to play in the sand dunes although your feet would get really hot. The sand was very hot on our feet. I had to go in the water quite a few times cause they were burned.


It was fun jumping the massive waves, they were like monsters.


I found this rocky island in the middle of the water so I went to it and climbed on it. We were going to walk to a very high cliff. Mum was too scared.

We had some lunch at first. And it was yummy. Ham sandwiches. After the beach we went to the playground after we had dinner. It is the best playground in the world. It has got almost everything. It has even got a pond, and it may have my duckling in it. I raised a duckling named Daisy.

After the playground we went for a walk around a lake. We went around and we followed into a frog pond were mum decided to stop and have a look. Then we ran into some geese. There were lots and there were some chicks. There were more than thirty. Silly my brother, guess what he did, he decided to go with no shoes. We also saw a swan.


The following day we went for a walk in the rain. It was a bush walk. And on that day it was my lucky day. Two kererus in a tree. We had to go over a swing bridge. And boy, did I love playing in the long, long grass.


- as told by Esmee


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