December 26, 2010

Sorry for a beautiful bird of prey ...

We went to the beach and collected driftwood. We collected small pieces, that we could drill a hole in. So that we can make a mobile.

We had a stop at the garden centre and I bought a flower. It is a small, yellow flower. I bought a flower at the garden centre because I have one empty space in my garden.

We stopped at a forest and there dad found something on the grass, lying there. Dad parked and we got out of the car and went to go and see it. It was a bird of prey. For who doesn't know what a bird of prey is, it is a bird that preys on animals that are native from any country. I thought it was a hawk, it looked like a hawk. Well it just died, it was still warm. I think it flew into a truck. My mum thought that it may have been hit by a car. We carried it to a safe place in the bush. We went for the bushwalk, and then we turned around, cause it was starting to get too muddy. We went to where we put the bird. I felt sad, I don't like animals dying.

After that we went to the river and I enjoyed it. I saw lots of fish plus one eel that was nearly two meters long. It was exactly the same as the eels in Masterton (Mount Bruce). Then me and my brother started building a pool in the river. We made a little pool with stones. Then we made little pools that were in the sun.
- as told by Esmee

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