December 26, 2010

Christmas spectacular

2010 Is nearly over, I can’t believe it, it went so fast. Christmas passed, Easter passed, Haloween passed, teachers only day passed, my birthday is passed, and it is the end of the year. We are doing a catch up over the last few months. Today I was on such a sugar high. Everything I drunk and eat was sugar. Even right now.

New bike

For Christmas I got a new bike. It is really cool, my bike. I just went for a really long bike ride, one hour long. It took forever, thanks to mum, because she didn’t want to stop. She wanted to go for an adventure on the tracks.

The great bike ride

In December we decided to go for a big bike ride. But this was before Christmas. I was still on my 16 inch bike. It was cute and small. We were going for a bike ride and it was going to go to the lighthouse, but my mum thought I couldn’t do it but I said to mum I will prove you I can do it. I biked all the way to the lighthouse and back. I had a drink of some icecubes and we only lasted with ten pieces of biscuits and they were small biscuits.


We saw sheep and when we stopped for a break, we decided to stick our thumbs out and wiggle them around and wait for the ferry to catch us. When we were doing that, the ferry went right pass us but didn’t bother to stop. We didn’t care, we had our bikes with us. But we would have loved a free ride.


My bike broke, it’s back bit came of. But I feel pretty embarrassed saying this, but I was wearing a Dora helmet but I didn’t have another helmet. And I didn’t care (I kind of did though). Near Christmas day my 16 inch bike had to be given away with its Dora helmet for Christmas. But hey, guess what, I love my new bike, it is so much bigger and better, it has 21 gears where my little bike has zero.

At the river

At the river there were lots of stones, flat, big, small, round, fat, squares, hearts, and there were puzzle ones as well, we had to find the other pair. It was really cool, I got to swim in the river. Lucky no eels bit me. There were two different kinds of eels in there. The short fin eel and the long fin eel. They both looked okay, but hey, I didn’t care.


The water was really fast but it was nice and warm. And it was really cool sitting underneath the bridge on the stones. I tried crossing the river and it was really fun crossing. I even got new pair of pants when I was there as my pants had holes in them so we decided to cut them where the holes were, and then I had socks. And I even saw small tiny little fish in the puddles.

River corssing

At the rock pools

At the rockpools the water was full. I didn’t quite find any fish but I found krill and some starfish.


And these blobs, I don’t know what they are called. I tried to catch some fish. I managed to catch some krill, but not all.

It was coming to sunset and we had to go, but I wanted to stay. Kapiti Island looks so beautiful in the sunset. Be careful when you are at the rockpools, you never know, you could slip. The blobs were full black and their mouth were red. When they yawned, there was a big red dot. Do you know what they are?


So Merry belated Christmas, a Happy New Year and enjoy 2011.

- as told by Esmee

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