March 10, 2010

Why you should pick blueberries

On the 30 January I asked dad and Camiel if they wanted to go blueberry picking at the blueberry picking farm. And that would be fun. We collected blue berries and we made blueberry jam and blue berry ice cubes for our smoothies.


I love blue berries because they are round and blue and they are delicious. How did blueberries come to earth I wonder. Did it come from space? Did it come from a type of specie. Who knows?

My dad and mum, twenty years ago, was in Australia and they did orange picking. Dad cleaned the top and mum cleaned the bottom. Of course that is what dad and Camiel did. Dad cleaned the top and Camiel cleaned the bottom and then I hang around the other trees. Dad got a full bucket, me and Camiel got a half bucket and we got about 3 kilos.


When we got home we thought what should we make with these blueberries. We wanted to make blueberry pies but they took up four kilos. We also, I just remembered, we made blue berry pancakes and they were not that good. I don't think they were that good, they actually were bad. The blueberries didn't taste that good inside the pancakes. And when we had the ice cubes that had the blueberries, when we put them in the smoothies and mended, those smoothies tasted delicious. I wish we had more. The trees were flooded with blueberries.
- as told by Esmee

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