March 13, 2010


Harakeke is the Maori word for flax. Flax is fun to use. You can do everything with it. Make an ika, a putiputi, or a windmill. I bet you don't know what an ika is, or a putiputi. I bet you don't know what those two are. Ika is the Maori word to say fish. I made one today and it was great.

I love using flax. Putiputi is something fun to make. It is the Maori word for flower. And those flowers, you can weave one, or not weave one. Either way you do it, it is still a nice flower.


Flax is green, long strips. I have them outside my house. And maybe one day I might cut one and make a putiputi. If you cut a harakeke with a little white strip in it, don't you even cut it, because if you do, you pull out the whole entire plant. When you make your first ever harekeke thing, it could be anything, always give it to one of your bestest friend. That is how I got my ika.
- as told by Esmee

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