March 24, 2010

The Great Lessons

Before the big bang, of course most of you guys probably don't know what the big bang is. Before it happens though, it was black in space. I think lots of little pieces of gas swirreled around in space. Sometimes combined together and created stars. Meteors struck. Meteors are a big rock ball with flames all over them. And when those meteors fell in space it made the sun. Then the galaxy came to life. Swirls of gases, lots of billions of beautiful stars, plus we can't forget about the milky way. The milky way is one long strip of beautiful stars. We had the milk way for 4 billion years. And that is how the earth came to life. After the big bang, through the big bang. And then at the end of the big bang earth was there.

Earth is a wonderful place to be. On earth it was all ocean. A few years later mountains came on earth and they were all volcanoes, burning hot. And they didn't stop. Rain didn't stop either to try to stop the burning hot rocks. But there wasn't enough water. The sun complained to the clouds, to the volcanoes, to everyone. And then they said it is all the sun's fault.

In space there were these little jellies that came onto earth. They are not jelly fish, they are not jelly that we eat, they are a different type of jelly. When the jellies came on to earth there were seven different types of groups. One for the breeding, and one to take out all the salt of the sea. And that is all I remember of.

Now when they took out the salt it was like little pages of books. And then a few years later, more creatures came into the sea. And then we also got some plants into the sea and we got more land. A few years later again, some of those sea creatures decided they might try out the land instead of living their life out in the water. So some of them went on the land and got legs. And they became amphibians. Amphibians are creatures that live part water, and they have to keep their skin wet, and half land. And as the years went by, some of those amphibians turned into reptiles. And that is when we got some of our dinosaurs and other types of reptiles.


And then another few years later we got birds and mammals. And everyone thinks that dinosaurs died from meteors. But it got freezing cold and that is how the dinosaurs died. And that is how some dinosaurs and amphibians, birds, mammals and fish lived from that coldness. And that is the creation of the big bang and the first life on earth.
- as told by Esmee (8 yrs)

Note: The above story is Esmee's recollection of learning the Great Lessons at her Montessori school, and we have been reading the following books:

- Born with a Bang - Book One, The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story
by Jennifer Morgan
- From Lava to Life - Book Two, The Universe Tell Our Earth Story
by Jennifer Morgan
- Mammals who Morph - Book Three, The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story
by Jennifer Morgan

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