February 7, 2010

More about Australia

Cathedral rock 01

We climbed the biggest rock I have ever done. There was chains. Sometimes daddy had to help me. There was a path for some of it. We climbed really hard. It was called Cathedral Rock and it was mum's worst nightmare, because she did not really like it, because it was too dangerous.

Cathedral rock 03

On the rocks there was no path, no fence. So we had to stay away from the edges. Some of it it was a little steep. There was an intersection were there was some seats. From there it took an hour to climb up to the top.

Cathedral rock 02

We got to the top and it was a beautiful view. There was even a bit higher were me and Camiel and Fem sat, and mum got some good pictures of us. There was a thunderstorm coming. Camiel kept on saying it was KingKong and mum didn't like it. We had to climb down.
- as told by esmee

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