September 20, 2009

In my garden ...

Right now it is springtime. Time to do some gardening.


I pulled out everything out of my garden and planted new things. Like ferns and lettuce. But today we are getting more. My parents do not need to buy any more lettuce. When it grows big we can pick it for salads.


When we were doing gardening we found a kauri snail. I saw the kauri snail on a new dvd called "Ours". The dvd is about animals and plants like the fern, in New Zealand. The movie was about native things of New Zealand (see review).


My next door neighbour has a tree fern, it is humongous. I asked mum if I could have one and it turned out yes. I choose the fern because I like ferns, they are native to New Zealand. I wanted that fern that I have because it has a koru. A koru is a long stick and at the end it is a little spiral.


After a few months the koru will grow into a fern. I got the fern from the nursery.
- as told by Esmee

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