September 20, 2009

DVD review - "OURS"

My mum ordered a dvd. It is called "OURS". I watched it because I like animals and mum said it is all about nature and animals.


The video goes for 26 chapters. Chapter one is A, chapter two is B, chapter three is C. It goes in alphabetical order. In chapter one there is Autumn. And chapter two there is Bees.

It teaches your kids about nature and the environment. In C for compost they taught me how to turn compost stuff like scraps into soil. When the compost was full they took it of and putted sort of like a blanket over it. After three months they taked the blanket of and it is soil. For every letter it will teach your kid. I like seeing the tuataras in the dvd.

I think it is a good dvd. I think your kids will like it.
- as told by Esmee

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