June 25, 2009

Run, run and run, the Desert Road

We were coming back from Auckland. We stopped at the Desert Road to look at the volcano. We saw a piece of a big giant snow on the mountain. We saw a volcano.


I started to play in the desert. It was a field of grass. It looked like hay. The grass was long to play in and I liked it. I run around and around and around. We ran hundreds of meters. On my way there it hurt, on my way back I was okay. The plants weren't prickly anymore. I loved the big space because it was big for me to run around in. I was running so fast because I was pretending this big giant dinosaur was chasing me.


My mother, after from a long run to a little desert, she found a skeleton. We don't know what it is of. My mum thinks it is a rabbit or a hare, because there were these long bones. I think it might have been a lizard or back from the dinosaur age, a dinosaur.


I saw a big cloud that looked like a tornado. It was a white cloud and it was big. We also saw another cloud that was white and it looked like a huge big fish.
- as told by Esmee

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