June 15, 2009

A long weekend #2 - Rotorua

In Rotorua we went to see the geysers. And it was awesome. And then we went on a big long walk of the geysers. It smelled like rotten eggs. And I didn't like the smell.

Rotorua 01

Rotorua 03
I felt cold water and warm water. And my mum gave me a rock that felt warm.

We saw green alien water. There is steam around the geyser because the hot water pops out. I also saw a blue lake.

Rotorua 02

It was a long long walk. There is a bird called swallow, and actually what happened there is a Pokemon called Tailow and that bird looks like Tailow but its name is swallow and Tailow evolves into a swallow.

And then we went to a different mudpool and it popped. When one jumped, it jumped very high. And then back down again.
- as told by Esmee

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