May 6, 2009

A weekend in Wanganui

Wnaganui 02

We went to Wanganui. We went to go and see birds. And we saw a cockatoo that could talk. And it said: "I like pie". And on my last saying bye bye it said "bye" and waved its left wing.

Wanganui 03

We went to the beach and we got rocks with holes in it. And we got pretty shells and nice driftwood and we got stuff for my pet turtle. I ran up the dunes to go to meatvalley, a valley I made up.

Wanganui 04Photobucket

On top of the sanddunes I saw my mum and dad. Mum looked at a hut on the beach, dad kept on walking. I felt like a bracheosaurus, on top of the dunes. They are the biggest animals, they are taller then a giraffe, but they are extinct, they are a dinosaur. I came back out of meat valley, I had run of. My brother was searching for me, at meat valley. When he was in meatvalley I was close to a different hut on the beach.

Wanganui 05

At the beach I played with the water. I was trying to make a river. I was trying to make a tunnel in my river. But the water got in my way and the water bringed the mud in. I started to run of. It was pouring and raining, the rain was bursting my head of.

Wanganui 01

We found a bowling ball on the river. It was a rock shaped as a bowling ball. We found a nice humongous big rock and we took it to put in my turtle tank for my turtle.
-- as told by Esmee

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