May 16, 2009

A trillion crickets!

My mum breeds crickets. And on Friday the 15th May 2009, we had trillions of baby crickets. And I got ten crickets. I put them in a little tank. What you could do is that you put egg carton or something else for them to hide under. If they are babies they eat chick mash food. When they are adults, they eat smashed cat biscuits. What I did for them to drink, I grabbed a milk lid and put a bit of cotton ball in it, so the crickets wouldn't drown.

What we did for the eggs is that we grabbed a container. and we put it with the big crickets and we putted sand in it and we moist it. The big crickets lay their eggs in it. As soon as there were heaps of cricket eggs in it we put it in a different tank and we have to wait for three weeks. We put them on top of the computer router to keep them warm. The babies are this big, they are as big as an ant.

The crickets can make a noise, they are loud. We hear them all the time. My mum, at her work, she has them at her work too.

Listen to the crickets below (from
-- as told by Esmee

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