April 15, 2009

Waterfall track, Belmont

I took Patches, my dog, for a walk on the waterfall track. We strolled to the wet foot track. I thought it was going to be pretty wet and pretty muddy, and it turned out it was.

Belmont 4 Belmont 3

First of all, the track was okay. Until there was a river. We had to start crossing the river by going over the rocks. I fell over and got wet. Patches was with me and got wet too, so I had to start traveling in the water. The rocks were slippery. I saw heaps of trees, heaps of rocks and heaps of water. I heard a tui.

Belmont 2 Belmont 1

It was hard and easy. Going over the rocks was hard, but sometimes it was easy. I enjoyed going over the river and splashing in the water with Patches. I got wet up to just underneath the bone that has my heart in it. At the end there was a huge, huge, huge, waterfall. At the waterfall I played with Patches. We played fetch. Patches got a lot wet.

We walked away from our parents, we just started walking, straight away. At the grass we stopped, we waited for our parents.
-- as told by Esmee

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