April 1, 2009

Otaki Forks

We went to Otaki Forks and we played in the river and did other stuff, like go over the bridge. When I jumped on the bridge it got a bit wobbly, that is when I started getting scared.Photobucket

It is kind of like a big forest with a nice river. It was a long way from home.

I threw stones into the river. I tried to skip them. I did not do that. I used round stones for that.


I played in the river. It was fun because I love water. It was slippery. The rocks were nice and smooth. I saw one fish. I walked across to the island but it was kind of like a war because the water kept pushing me away. The water went deeper and deeper and then it came up. My knees got wet. It was slippery.

When I walked on the island, I decided to to to a different island that wasn't too far. There were humongous rocks in the island. It was just a rocky island.Photobucket

I like the river because I like water because I was born in the water.
-- as told by Esmee

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