April 23, 2009

Mighty mushrooms

We got mushrooms from the market, mum came home with them. One day over a few weeks, guess what happened? A big mushroom appeared, and mum knocked it off with the door of her car. I took the mushroom to school. The kids kept asking me the same question all over again. "Where did you get it from?", and I kept saying "from seeds".


Mum told me mushrooms grow from spores. Mushrooms don't grow into a big tree, but they do grow into mushrooms. They are fungus. Mushrooms need moist, water, cold and in the dark. We keep our mushrooms in the garage in a bucket full of dirt. The white part in there are the fungus.

mushroom 01

I cutted some mushrooms for dinner. I got the mushrooms from my bucket. They were very white. They were yummy.
-- as told by Esmee

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  1. That is great Esmee! Not to many kids your age like to eat mushrooms. What is your favourite mushroom recipe? Mine is Mushroom Pizza Pockets.
    - Brittany


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