February 3, 2009

Te Horo (2)

I went to Te Horo. I went to my friend Rhys's place. We played in his forest. There were streams, we had to go over them. In the forest we played lions. It was hard walking, because the stream started coming up. As soon as we walked in, it was all dryed up where the stream was. Until it came up, it started getting a bit muddy. And heaps of trees, tall and small.

We went fishing, in the pond. We didn't catch anything. We looked for tadpoles, but there weren't any so we played in it. We went in the pond. It was cold. We played in the water. Paulina made us some hot chocolate. Then Rhys said "I am as hot as a volcanoe". It was sunny but after going in the pond we got freezing. That is why we had a hot chocolate.

Me and Rhys Pukeko hat

On my hat are feathers, they are pukeko feathers. I found them at the pond. I saw one pukeko. It was blue and red.
I had fun.
-- as told by Esmee

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