February 8, 2009

Making a pond

We got a wine barrel. It was in half. We decided to make a tiny pond. We grabbed stones and put them in half of the bottem.

Pond 05

But first before we grabbed the stones we went to the stream to get some plants. In the half that didn't have the stones we put the plants in. We had mud to keep it up.

Pond 04

Then what we did we put water in.

Pond 03

While we did we found two, we think they are eels. We decided to put the other one in my mum's other pond that is at her work, Tawa Montessori Preschool.I am so positive it is an eel, because it is like the shape of an eel and it swims like an eel.

Pond 02

Some eels are electric, some aren't. They come in big, small and tiny. Speaking of big, I would say as long as one door. Small would be the size of my tv remote. Tiny would be the size of a little box that I have. Eels love to live in the sea, in salty and dirty water. Some don't like salty water. The electric eels are electric, if you touch them you get electriced. Some eels bite. If you don't get shocked by an electric eel they will bite you, because they don't like being held. And when they bite you, you get shocked.
-- as told by Esmee

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