January 13, 2009

Te Horo


We went to our friends. They had a frog pond. And we saw a frog. They also had tadpoles in it. And we tried to catch some for me to keep. First of all we got eight or seven until my friend, Rhys, knocked the container over. Which means if we had eight, we would have lost six. If there was seven, there would be five lost. One was in the tank and the other one we found. Then Rhys caught another one which makes three.


Frog catcing 04

Frog catching 02

Tadpoles evolve into froglets. Froglets evolve into frogs. A froglet is when they have arms and legs, or just legs. Tadpoles have tails and when they have legs and arms they have a short tail. They are called froglets. Tadpoles eat boatmen. There are little black creatures for the tadpoles to easily catch to eat. We saw lots of waterbugs.

Tadpole tank

I did a little drawing of my tank with my three tadpoles in it. The colours of my tadpoles where light, black, gold and their tail was creamish kind of colour.

Damsel flies 01

We saw dragonflies. I saw a big, big dragonfly and they come in black, red and blue. Some of them where attached together.

Damselflies 02

We looked it up in the book, they are called damselflies.


There was long swishy grass that was fun to play in.


I saw a hedgehog. And i can't believe this. It was awake in the day. Because hedgehogs are supposed to be awake at the night. Some animals, like owls, are nocturnal. Hedgehogs are nocturnal. Nocturnal means that overnight they are awake.
-- as told by Esmee


  1. I like your web site Esmee. I want you to ask your mum if you can come up again. Next time we can go through the forest walk I have created.

  2. Okay, I'd love to. Maybe you can come to my house too. Esmee