January 11, 2009

Tawa Bush

Bushwalk 01

I went on a bush walk with half of my family. We went up, up and up. And you know the lighthouse? You know how there are 250 steps? At the bush walk there were 266 steps. It was a long way up.

Fern leaf

We saw a leaf shaped as a star. We found a leaf that has different colours at each site and black spots with it. We found a fern. And then we found a different type of fern that had spots on it that were seeds.

A worm

I saw a dog, three or four butterflies, birds, and a worm.

A spider nest

And I saw spiders. I saw bugs too. We saw a spider nest that the babies were born in. There must have been about fifty spiders, I lost count.

We saw a stream. We heard a fantail, crickets, cicadas and a tui. We saw yellow, purple, white, and blue flowers. The weather was first cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy, then sunny.
- as told by Esmee


  1. Esmee, It has been so interesting reading about your discoveries and experiences Esmee. Sounds as though you are really enjoying your expeditions. I am looking forward to hearing how your garden grows and if the plants attract any insects..

  2. We have got heaps of healthy worms in my garden. My peas are about as tall as the bottom leaf on the picture that is infront of the comment. I hope you enjoy my carrots and peas. I'll be happy to see you tomorrow.