January 25, 2009

Pool night and rock pools

Last night I went in the spa pool. I sat in my favourite star-watching seat. I didn't see many stars. There were two stars in line and they were above our roof. I could hear a morepork. It was behind the back-neighbours. I made an owl sound. Owow.

Rockpools 09

Today we went to the rockpools. The rockpools look like pools. Well, the water is salty and it is becoming high tide. The rocks were stony and they were rather pointy.

Rockpools 08It was hard walking over the rocks.

We found shells, crabparts, paua shell and we saw a hermit crab. There was a big crab, this crab is a feisty crab and another crab. I tried to catch a humongous, humongous crab. I like to draw one of those crab legs and its nippers.

Rockpools 07

We saw starfish. I liked trying to catch the big, big crabs. I tried in the big pools and in the little pools. I bring some crabs back to the sea because it is where they belong, in the sea.

Rockpools 11

Rockpools 04
Rockpools 02

-- as told by Esmee

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